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"I wonder if you’ve ever been actually in love with me"

"If you can’t even answer this question, then it’s really better to go our separate ways"


"Don’t you ever miss me a little bit?"

"What do you want me to say? We were better off this way, right? Your words, not mine"

"I may have been wrong. I’m human, I make mistakes, you too"

"My only mistake was accepting that coffee two years ago"


"Answer that damn phone… please…"

"We’re sorry, the user you’re trying to reach is currently not available"

Part 2

namsong fingers

"Remember when you said humans make mistakes? I think you were right, I made one when I let you go"

"Isn’t it a bit too late now?"

"Is it?"


"I’m outside your apartment, can I come up? Are you there?"


"Please answer the phone… this caller ring is killing me"


"I told you it’s too late now, you’re the one that got away"

Part 1

Taehyun's confession
Taehyun: Uh... I've always been pushed away by my parents and other people, so this had never happened to me before.
Taehyun: I thought it was obvious that I was meant to live alone.
Taehyun: I couldn't understand why people interfered with others and anyone who tried to interfere with me was only after my look.
Taehyun: I had trouble acknowledging peoples' existence, so when you forced your way into my life, it was so annoying at first and I couldn’t do anything about it. I just didn't understand why.
Taehyun: But you did a lot of things for me and told me things, so I thought I'd try to figure you out.
Taehyun: And, uh... I'm like this now all because of you. I sort of came to understand that this world wasn't all that bad like what you said.
Mino: *grins like an idiot*


Everyone has a side they don’t want others to see…